Micro Credit Loan Agreement

He is authorized to enter into the loan agreement; The lender is ready to participate in the development of microcredit in developing countries and its goal is primarily philanthropic and social. it has the freedom to dispose of the funds granted in accordance with the terms of this loan agreement and that the conclusion of this document does not require an authorization that has not yet been granted to it; The recipient prepays the loan granted by the borrower to the IFM The www.babyloan.org website is managed through crowdfunding ABC MICROFINANCE, which is registered with ORIAS under the number 17005376 and has its head office at: 24 Rue de l`Est, 75020 Paris, France. There is an explicit consensus among the parties that the allocation of refinancing resources is an essential and essential condition, without which the lender has not granted loans. It recognizes the terms and conditions of use of the site and fully respects the babyloan.org; It is an expression agreement between the contracting parties, subject to this loan agreement and subject to French law. No legal proceedings, appeals or administrative proceedings are under way or, as he knows, could not be brought against himself to prevent or prohibit him from signing or concluding this loan agreement, or which could have a significant negative effect on his activities, property or financial situation; ARTICLE 13 – Non-portability of the agreement This loan is used for refinancing, as the borrower has certified: the purpose of this loan agreement is to enable the micro-entrepreneur, within the meaning of Article 2 of this loan contract which operates in the country, to grant microcredit in order to enable its social and economic development. Loans are made between the lender and the borrower and, under no circumstances can the borrower give as a pretext the default of the recipient`s loan to circumvent his obligation to repay the purpose of the loan contract. This loan agreement will definitely come into effect from the last of these dates: the amount of the loan will be transferred by bank transfer to the borrower, the IFM via the Babyloan website on an account opened by ABC Microfinance. This transfer comes at a time when the amount required to refinance the beneficiary has been fully recovered online or after the date the recipient project can remain online. This is an explicit agreement between the contracting parties that the loan does not interest the lender`s profits. In the event of an irregularity or incident, ABC reserves the right to repay, in one or more cases, the payments recovered by the borrower on the lender`s piggy bank, which may result in a change in the repayment plan and the loss of a portion of the total loan amount.